Air Bar Max Red Mojito Disposable Vape 3500 Puff

When you are looking for a new e-liquid to try, you have a few different options to choose from. For example, you can choose between a fruity flavor such as Blue Razz Ice, or you can opt for something a little sweeter, like a Air Bar Max Red Mojito. Whichever type of e-liquid you choose, you can be sure that it will taste great.

Sakura Grape

The Air Bar Max Sakura Grape vape is a good example of the fruity, flowery, and tangy vapes that are in vogue. Like the Air Bar Lux, the Sakura Grape is a sweet, purple grape flavor. It’s a nice change from the typical mint and lemonade flavored vapes.

For those of you interested in the vapor industry, the Air Bar Max is a new pod that features a 1250 mAh battery and a high density e-liquid. With a 6.5 ml juice capacity, the air bar max aims to please with its array of 23 exquisite flavors.

Aside from the vape’s sexy sexy names, the Air Bar Max also boasts a stylish, compact design. Moreover, it also has an adjustable airflow and draw-activated firing mechanism that provide an immersive experience.

Blueberry Raspberry

Air Bar Max Blueberry Raspberry has an enticing, sweet and tart flavor. This is the perfect summertime vape flavor. It gives a refreshing icy kick, and is ideal for people who love to enjoy a variety of unique, and exciting flavours.

The flavour of the Blueberry Raspberry is a combination of fresh blueberries and sweet raspberry. Unlike other Air Bar Max flavors, the Blueberry Raspberry contains no nicotine, and is a nicotine free version. Those who enjoy vaping with a strong throat hit, will also appreciate this flavor.

Those who are fans of Red Mojito, and whose taste buds are accustomed to the classic Cuban cocktail, will find this blend particularly enjoyable. They’ll get the flavor of a traditional cocktail, with a kick of rum, and the sweetness of lime juice. And if you prefer, you can always add a splash of mint to make a classic mojito even better!

Cranberry Lemonade Ice

The Air Bar Max isn’t your average joe’s vape pen. It features an impressive array of flavors and a battery that delivers over 5000 puffs per charge. Aside from the standard vanilla flavors, there are many exotic choices to choose from. From the aloe vera infused Red Bull to the fruity and frothy delights of the Watermelon Ice variant, there is a flavor for every taste bud.

While the Air Bar Max isn’t the first name on your tongue, the company does a fine job of delivering a quality product that’s affordable enough for the average Joe. The company’s offerings are complemented by a solid customer service team and a user friendly app that allows you to choose from an extensive line of flavored cartridges.

Blue Razz Ice 3500 puff vape

If you are searching for a vape that is great to use on the go, then you need to consider buying a disposable pod device. Disposable devices are compact and lightweight. You can also purchase them pre-charged and without the need for coils or refills.

One popular disposable vape is the Air Bar Max. It features a 6.5mL e-juice bottle that has a nicotine strength of 50 mg. The device is also designed to give you a perfect throat hit. Moreover, you can choose between various flavors.

This portable vape pen offers 2000 puffs. In addition, the 650mAh integrated-backed-up battery is pre-charged. The unit can be recharged using a Type-C cable. Unlike other disposable vapes, the Air Bar Max is able to provide you with an ideal throat hit.


The Suorin Air Bar Max is a very compact and light vape device. It boasts a very large battery and can deliver up to 2000 puffs. This unit is available in a wide array of flavors.

Aside from its impressively large battery, the Suorin Air Bar Max has another cool feature. It boasts a cool mouthpiece that lights up when activated. Other features include a soft tip, a 6.5mL juice reservoir, and a nicotine level of 50mg.

Another cool thing about the Suorin Air Bar Max is its slick design. Its mouthpiece is a streamlined circular plastic unit that is slim and light. In addition, the Air Bar Max’s 3.5mm diameter is a lot smaller than the 4.5mm diameter of its rivals.